You’ve planned a large-scale renovation and hired the contractors. However, you still lack one element: skip bin hire for your Newcastle home or business.

If you’ve completed a renovation before, you know that old building materials need a place to go after you’ve removed them. At Newcastle Skips, we’ve provided skip bins of all sizes to Newcastle residents since 1999—just as we do today.

How to Prepare for Skip Bin Hire in Newcastle

Before you call us or request your bin online, take a few moments to learn more about our processes:

  • Permits: Newcastle City Council requires a special permit prior to bin placement on your property. We organise a 28-day permit on your behalf, subject to additional city charges.
  • Same-day delivery and pick-up: If you only need your bin for one day, we deliver and pick up on the same day, saving you cost and hassle.
  • Prices: A typical hire includes delivery and pick-up charges. You will have your bin for up to seven days; just call us if you need an earlier pick-up date. Pricing depends on bin size.

What to Expect from Our Skip Bins

If you only want to clean your garage, you may only need a mini skip bin. For a big job, you may require a walk-in skip bin to make unloading easier. Choose four- or six-cubic metre bins for your home renovation, or hire an industrial size skip bin for large-scale industrial jobs.

Browse our skip-bin sizes page for more information.

How to Book Your Skip Bin

Now that you know more about our products and services, you’re ready to book online for your skip bin hire in Newcastle. If you have other questions, contact us on 0414 375 375 today. We look forward to serving you!

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