Skip Bin Hire Newcastle

Skip Bins Are Your Friendly Rubbish Solution

Are you looking for an effective way to dispose of your backyard rubbish? Are you planning on renovating your home? Are you planning on improving your house? Are you looking for a reliable skip bin for hire in Newcastle? You are in the right place.

If you are planning on renovating or improving your home, chances are that there will be a lot of waste and rubbish such as wood, concrete, soil, boxes, clothes, toys, carpets, etc. It can be difficult to sort and dispose of these things. That’s why you’ll need to hire skip bins.

You’ll want to hire skip bins if:

  • You have a large clean-up project, such as garage cleaning
  • You are going to have a house renovation
  • There will be events and/or parties
  • You’re going to clean up after a demolition
  • And more…

Keeping Environment Clean and Green

However, it is important to know that not all rubbish can go into skip bins. Newcastle skip bins should strive hard to ensure that hazardous materials are dealt correctly.

The following should not be placed into the skip bin:

  • Contaminated Soil
  • Asbestos & Insulation Materials
  • Putrescible & Food Waste
  • Liquid
  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Gas bottles and cylinders
  • Empty chemical containers

But don’t worry as Newcastle skip bins is going to refer you onto local collection centres so that you can dispose of them properly. Our team of professionals can aid you in making the right decision for your rubbish to ensure that your surroundings are free of any chemical or hazardous waste.

So, if you are looking for a high quality skip bin hire in Newcastle, look no more. Newcastle skip bins have a wide array of residential sized skips to suit to your needs. Our bins are good for a 7-day hire period but is flexible (additional charges may apply). In addition to that, you never have to wait until the hire period is over, just give us a call and we’re going to pick up your bin right away!

Hire a skip bin in Newcastle today

Our team of professionals are always ready to assist you. Keep our environment clean and green! Hire a skip bin now!

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