Warners Bay Skip Bins

Warners Bay is a suburb part of the City of Lake Macquarie. It is popularly known for its picturesque scenery and various recreational activities available in its vicinity. It’s especially a go-to place for shopping, entertainment and dining.

What’s more is that annually, Warners Bay hosts well-known events in the arena of music and sports. A free weekly concert from November to March is offered in one of its hubs, Foreshore. While “Loop the Lake” is a cycling event in March that allow partakers to challenge different distances around lake Macquarie. During August, at least 3,000 runners from all over the country come for the Macquarie Running Festival.

Why you need skip bins in Warners Bay

Lots of human recreational activities produce heaps of rubbish, most especially during big events such as those held in Warner’s Bay. Improper waste disposal could be a problem to Warners Bay residents and Lake Macquarie itself. A great solution is to provide Newcastle skip bins where tourists, event participants, and residents alike could put their rubbish. Since Warners Bay usually has a lot of foot traffic, the amount of garbage could fill up a small rubbish bin in no time. Luckily, our large skip bins have the capacity to hold large amounts of rubbish at a given time.

Services offered by Newcastle Skip Bins

Our skip bins for hire provide you a hassle-free way to get rid of your rubbish. We deliver skip bins six days in a week. Whatever your needs, we are sure to have a skip bin for that. Newcastle Skip Bins can provide bins ranging from 2m3 to 10m3. The best thing about our services? We provide free delivery and pick up for your hired skip bins!

Choose Newcastle Skip Bins

Newcastle Skips has been around since 1999. We provide premium skip bins with the most economic price. We go further than removing your rubbish. We are also fully committed to recycling. Newcastle Skips can assure you that we try our best for your rubbish not to end up in the landfill. In fact, we give discounts to sorted and recyclable rubbish.

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