Redhead Skip Bins

Redhead is a wonderful and friendly suburb just 16 kilometres south of Newcastle’s business district. Having wonderful views of the coastline, it has great and valuable coastal properties that attract tourists and locals alike. There are so many exciting activities you can do in Redhead. These include windsurfing, sailboarding, kitesurfing, and other interesting activities. You can also enjoy the wonderful sunset on the Pacific by lounging on the beach or in nearby restaurants.

Why you need skip bins in Redhead

With so many wonderful things to do in picturesque Redhead, it is a shame if these would be spoiled by trash and garbage. Newcastle Skip Bins is here for your garbage disposal needs. Don’t let your home or business be unsanitary and unpleasant. Having a good waste disposal and collection system is the key to having a hassle-free lifestyle in Redhead. Waste from your yard or home can be drifted to the lake if not properly contained or disposed. This would eventually harm the natural ecosystems in Redhead’s coast.

Call Newcastle Skip Bins to avoid all these fuss regarding waste disposal.

Services offered by Newcastle Skip Bins

Newcastle Skip Bins offers a wide array of services that can help you with your waste management problems. We offer cheap and affordable bins of different sizes from 2 m3 bins to 30 m3 ones. We also have different kinds of bins, such as hook lift bins and green or ecofriendly bins. Our bins may be hired within a 7-day period, and can be picked up and delivered on the same day.

Aside from that, Newcastle Skip Bins employs an efficient system of waste removal and bin delivery. All of these services are affordable and would definitely fit your waste disposal needs. You can trust Newcastle Skips to take care of your waste disposal needs.

Choose Newcastle Skip Bins

Newcastle Skip Bins is a front liner in providing waste removal and garbage disposal in various areas of Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, and other places in Hunter. We have been operating since 1991. The multitudes of satisfied home owners and business owners who have been our customers since then can prove that we are the best. We aspire to always serve our customers professionally and efficiently.

Book your skip bins today or call us at 0405 490 000 for more enquiries!

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