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Bar Beach is a suburb of Newcastle, situated at the southwestern portion of Newcastle’s central business district. It got its name from the natural rock pool, “The Bar”, which is found along the beach that stretches along its eastern border. It is considered to be the home of the Cooks Hill Life Saving Club.

Why should you hire premier skip bins in Bar Beach?

At least half of Bar Beach is composed of beaches and parks at the eastern, southern, and north eastern portions of the suburb. This is why the area is a well-loved place by people every time they want to enjoy relaxing spots, such as the Susan Gilmore Beach, and bond with their families. For places that are frequented by locals and visitors, it is necessary to have premier skip bins to ensure that wastes are well-managed and would not destroy the beauty of Bar Beach.

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When it comes to rubbish removal, Newcastle skips should be your go-to company. We offer the following services:

  • Keeping your place uncluttered with rubbish removal in Newcastle;
  • Skip bin delivery and pick up within the same day;
  • Managing general wastes with the use of skip bins in Newcastle;
  • Managing problematic wastes such as asbestos and other prohibited materials, and;
  • Securing a permit for placing Newcastle skips in your property;

Newcastle skips is proud to offer skip bins in different sizes that can accommodate wastes that you hold in your property. With over 15 years in the industry, we have already mastered what is needed in order to ensure efficient delivery of our services. We are available to deliver skip bins and pick them up for 6 times a week. We have acquired 8 trucks to perform rubbish removal in different parts of Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Port Stephens.

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Can’t wait to get rid of trash that has been an eye sore to your property? There are several considerations that you need to look at first in order to determine which type of premier skip bins you will get. Call Newcastle skips today for efficient rubbish removal services. Our team will be happy to help you out with your needs!