Electronic Graveyards in Africa: The Burning Truth

July 14, 2017 E-waste

Spending quite a long time in Sydney, I have seen a huge transition in my life. As I came from Africa, I got introduced to a better life here. Yes, I totally agree living in a developed country makes me feel good, but if I look back and give it a thought, I realised that…

E-Waste: A Dangerous Waste Material

September 13, 2016 E-waste, Hire Skip Bins, Skip Bins

When you first saw e-waste, I’m sure you thought about “how can that be dangerous?” I’m certainly sure that you thought of the recycle bin in your computer. Wrong! We are talking about old and unused technology. Examples are microwaves, oven, mobile phones, computers and anything in between. Computers are considered as the most frequently…

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